My mum is in India. She had uterus cancer when she was 55 years old and she recovered. But after she turned 72 years old, the doctor found that the cancer spread into her colon and was on third stage. She was unable to eat properly. I went back to India to see my mother on 25th April 2018, she looked almost like dying person as her stomach was in black. At that time, she had no energy to speak and to move her legs, of course unable to walk as well. Her both legs looked black too, but not as much as her stomach.

I brought along Pine Pollen Powder, Pine Pollen XOS Granules, Livermate, Lycopene Softgels, and Grapeseed VE Softgels for her from Singapore Beaute Life Bank. On the first moment after taking the products, she has gotten energy to speak, her whole body’s water retention and swollen were gone on the second consecutive day of consumption of the products, and vein became visible.

Consumption of the products after 5 days, her both black legs’ skin became normal. Her mouth initially slanted when she talked, but about 10 days, her mouth’s talking action became normal. Her stools were very smelly initially, but after taking Pine Pollen XOS Granules, her stools’ smell reduced. Her blood circulation also improved for at least 30% (initially her skin was pale) when I pressed on her, her skin turned red. The stomach which turned black was gone after taking the products for 15 days. She also had difficulty to swallow, but after consuming the products, she could swallow and eat nicely.

My sister and I impressed after the consumption of the products that I recommended to our mother. “What a miracle”, said my sister.

I think if I continue giving these products for her to consume, I wish she will walk well.

I let her consume the products as below:

- Pine Pollen was consumed 20 tablets (morning and evening for 10 tablets each daily)

- Pine Pollen Powder, Pine Pollen Milk and Pine Pollen XOS Granules were all mixed together, consumed twice a day (morning and evening daily)

- Lycopene 4 softgels and Grapeseed VE 2 softgels (twice daily).

Thank you so much, Beaute Life Bank!

- Jansi Vani