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Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends,

Life is for everyone, only once.Live a long, healthy and happy life is everybody's real desire and pursuit. Health is the key to the fulfilment of all these good wishes in your life. Illness is the enemy of human health. Health prevents illness, creates human longevity. All of us are too busy with our daily activities until we forget about this simple important thing in our life.

When we came into this world, we began to hear our cry as a new-born baby. However, we will hear others crying for us when we leave this world. In the middle of the beginning and the end of this process is called human life. It is very interesting the way God created life. Cats like to eat fish but cats cannot live underwater. Fishes like to eat worms but fishes cannot live on land. That's life, at one side we have a choice to get what we want, while the other side we have no choice but to give up what we want and lose it. In life, nothing runs smoothly as you wish as there will always be the inevitable series of hiccups. So, do not fight against each other because it does not worth it. Â Do not live in your past because it has no meaning, neither it has power over your future. Do not stuck with your current situation as we need to move forward in life. Do not show off your work achievements as there will always be people do better than you after you pass away. Do not show off your big house as it will be someone else's house when you no longer live in this world. Do not show off your fancy car as the car key will be in the hands of others when you leave this world. In this world, you do not own anything except your own body health. You can show off your health when others pass away like you can enjoy yourself basking in the sun, drinking tea, travelling, living a healthy life. Your health is your responsibility. You only own your body in this world. Therefore, my dearest friends, please take care of your own body and cherish it!

As the old saying goes people diet for a living but also diet to die. If you diet properly, you can improve your internal organs. If you diet improperly, it can ruin all the internal organs of your body, from the heart, brain to kidney and liver failures.

The following is what I want to share with you on how to achieve longevity, stay young and healthy. I thank God and I decided to dedicate my findings to you who love to live healthily.

Best Regards,

Astine Poon